Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Student-led Conferences

Just a reminder that student-led conferences are this Thursday (4-8pm) and Friday (8am-1pm).

All grade 8 students are required to take their parents through a conference, and there is a "worksheet" provided to EACH student to help the students, and provide the parents opportunity to comment. This is considered an "assignment" that must be completed. Because we realize students and parents are VERY busy, we do NOT require this to be done at the school. It can easily be done at home at a time that is most convenient for your family. The due date for these "worksheets" to be handed in is November 30, which gives everyone a week to complete the conference. Please ensure that both student and parent sign the document.

As always, space and time is provided for these conferences to take place here at the school in one of the grade 8 classrooms. All four grade 8 teachers will be present the whole time at the conference, but any one-on-one meetings must be arranged for a time outside of the conference hours.

The assignment sheet is provided below in case the hard copy provided is lost or forgotten!