Monday, November 12, 2012

Message to Parents and Students Regarding Report Cards

As the end of term 1 approaches, the grade 8 team would like to reinforce the intentions of the evaluative rubric used at CSS on report cards and assignments. As a team, we have been working with the students to re-evaluate the understanding of this rubric, and affirm the following:

4 = Exceeds Expectations: indicates that the student consistently performs above grade level and/or goes above and beyond expectations.

3 = Capable: indicates that the student consistently performs at grade level and meets expectations

2 = Developing: indicates that the student is able to perform at grade level, but sometimes requires guidance and is still working towards consistency.

1 = Requires Assistance: indicates that the student is not meeting grade level expectations and is in need of consistent guidance, and often outside help.

We would like to emphasize that a student demonstrating a “3” in a category does not indicate ¾ or 75%. Similarly, a student demonstrating a 2 does not indicate 2/4, or 50%. If a student earns a “2” in a category, it is an indication of developing skill, not a failure to comprehend in any way, and not necessarily cause for concern. For students who do require additional assistance [for example, those demonstrating concerning behaviour, or who consistently struggle with skills], the teachers will always contact parents directly in order to arrange meetings and ensure assistance is provided.

Finally, the last report card students received was at the end of grade 7, after 2 years with the same teacher. With a new grade, new material, and new teachers, students will find that their report card does not look exactly the same as their final report card in grade 7. This should be expected, and is no cause for concern!