Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Exchange Information

An email was sent out to all students and parents with the following information today:

Dear Grade 8 Parents and Students,

On Thursday, December 20, all grade 8 students can take part in a holiday gift exchange in their respective home rooms. Instead of Secret Santa we are asking all students who would like to participate to bring in a wrapped gift to contribute to the gift pool. We will then play a game where students can open and steal presents, known to some as a "White Elephant" gift exchange. Students can begin bringing in gifts as early as tomorrow, as long as they are wrapped!

It is VERY important that the rules of this game are followed. Presents must NOT exceed a value of $10. In the past, families have been generous and provided larger gifts. This is kind, but ends up causing quite a bit of difficulty and a feeling of "unfairness." Furthermore, if there are any students/families with financial concerns who are unable to provide a gift, but are interested in participating, please contact your homeroom teacher via email to maintain anonymity.

Please note that the gift exchange is NOT mandatory, but only those that contribute to the gift pool can participate.

Please contact your child's HOMEROOM teacher with questions or concerns.


The Grade 8 Team