Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week at Camp

Hello All,

While half of us are gone, here are a few things to note for this week.
Cross Conservation forms need to be submitted ASAP as the trip is for this friday (8.1/8.2) and Monday (8.3/8.4)

A HUGE thank you to the volunteers that had stepped forward for both Camp Sweet and our trip to ASCCA.

For ASCCA we currently have:

8.1/8.2 - Friday
Eeva Harrop
Liesa Miller
Duncan Johnson

8.3/8.4 - Monday
Angela matthews
Patti Paccagnan
Lois Petherick
Adriaan Kruger

Thank you to all that had submitted your names as many of you know, our school would not be able to have the ability to do the things we do without our volunteers.

Terry Fox Run is this Thursday, please bring your pledges and weather appropriate clothing along with running shoes.  8.3/8.4 students will be running at Camp Sweet - pledge forms will ideally come in tomorrow, or early next week.